Thursday, February 13, 2014

"Dangerous Science" steams to Top Ten in Steampunk!

Top Ten in Steampunk on
Thank you all so much!

Today is the day I've been waiting for - the release day for Dangerous Science. Well, technically yesterday was the day. But along came an ice storm and the time I'd set aside to promote my book release on social media coincided with the horrific crash and pop of ice-laden branches descending on area power lines.

It was a long, frustrating night.

Today, the roads cleared and I made my way to the cottage on my parent's property which still has power. It's warm and comfortable here, and I've been able to use the WiFi to get back online and do a little networking. That makes me happy, but not as happy as the news I got from my publisher who just called to tell me that Dangerous Science is now #8 in Steampunk on Amazon and in the top 100 for SciFi Romance!

I'm overwhelmed with gratitude. Steampunk is a genre that I simply adore. It is so rich in possibilities, and the writers of Steampunk, I've found, are such a fun, clever lot. So are the writers erotica, and the friends I've made in Steampunk circles and via Blushing Books have been so helpful and encouraging and supportive.

I could not have asked for a better partner than Blushing Books.  Putting a book out there for public consumption is big, scary step. One never knows how it will be received, and I'm just so pleased that my debut novel is doing quite so well as it is.  I honestly could not be more grateful.

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