Thursday, January 30, 2014


I was going to post yesterday, but an ice/snow storm (I refuse to call it a "Weather Event") instead had me busy walking the fields behind my home pulling a happy kid on a sled whilst being trailed by an even happier dog. Then it was back inside to unthaw fingers and toes over cups of tea and hot chocolate.

Today I was thinking about an arctic setting for a Steampunk story, since steampunk stories can take place anywhere. And in my search I came across this delightful picture from a wonderful artist whose work is posted on DeviantArt.

It's a clockwork arctic fox, and now that you've seen it, I'll have to hint at a spoiler from "Dangerous Science" if you are to know why this and the artist's creations overwhelm me with Happy. So let me just say that everyone should have a clockwork pet, especially one that purrs.

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